A common occurance for lawns is not to get enough water. This can lead to empty patches in the grass or brown dying lawn.

But can the opposite happen as well? Absolutely! Yes you can definitely overwater your lawn. And although it happens far less frequent than insufficient watering a yard, it does happen. You may ask why it's bad as lawn simply needs a lot of water right?

Overwatering your lawn has several consequences. First of all your grass is constantly wet which is an ideal situation for fungus to grow. This fungus can damage your stressed grass. With overwatering you are also setting up your lawn to overgrown with weeds. Various weeds will thrive very well with much more water than your lawn would need. They can overtake your lawn. If you would have a more correct watering regime these weeds wouldn't grow or not as fast. There are other reasons such as thatch and insects that can hurt your lawn.

How much do I have to water my lawn?

There is no simple answer to this, because it depends on the type of lawn you have and where you live (find a location nearby, such as our Atlanta location). Some cool-season grasses require more frequent water (6-7 times a month) compared to some warm-season grasses which may only take watering only once every fortnight. If you live in a warm and dry climate you may need to water more frequently than when you live in a cool and/or heavy rain area.

can you overwater your lawn

It's also not only about how often you should water, but for how long. If you water more in a single session, water goes in deeper which promotes water getting to the roots of your grass which is good. But you don't want any puddles of water, then you are overwatering.

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As you could read it depends quite a bit on your situation. Contact us if you like more information, we are happy to help. For most of our clients we help with their lawn care so they don't have to worry about it. We can setup reticulation / watering system so it happens all automatically.

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