If you want a green and healthy lawn then that starts with having healthy soil. Without healthy soil, no amount of caring for a lawn will ever help it to reach its full potential. Healthy soil starts with loose soil. If your soil is compacted then it's going to be more difficult for grassroots to grow. The other component of healthy soil is soil that has the right nutrients for your grass to grow. This is the foundation that every beautiful lawn is built on, so if you want a beautiful lawn, then you need to start by having healthy soil.

Regular Soil Aeration Is Necessary for A Healthy Lawn

Do you know what causes soil to become compacted? Just about everything that you do on your lawn compacts your soil. Do you walk on your lawn? Do your kids play on it? Do you mow it? Anything that involves placing weight on your lawn will compact your soil. Each time you take a step on your lawn it doesn't cause much damage, but it's the cumulative effect of people walking on your lawn that adds up. Before you know it, your lawn soil is compacted, and you end up with dying patches of grass.

So, you have two options. Option one, never walk on your lawn. Good luck with that. Option two is to aerate your lawn once or twice a year. You can do it yourself, but aerating a lawn, even with the proper equipment, is a hard and dirty job. Fortunately for you, it's a job we're more than happy to take care of for you. We'll schedule an appointment to aerate your soil, and always recommend doing this during the growing season. Aerating your soil will punch holes in your lawn, causing damage. If we aerate your lawn near the end of summer, or during winter, your lawn won't have time to recover. So, make sure you contact us soon so we can aerate your lawn while there's still plenty of time for your grass to recover.

Fertilizing Your Lawn Gives Your Grass Fuel to Grow

Without proper nutrients in your soil, your grass won't be able to reach its full potential. Give us a call if you're interested in having us take care of your lawn, and the first thing we'll do is test your soil. We don't just come out and start dumping fertilizer on your lawn. That's a great way to either add too much or too little fertilizer. Too much fertilizer and your grass will grow too quickly, damaging it. Too little fertilizer and your grass won't grow as well as it should. So, the first thing we'll do is test your soil. Then, we'll determine what the best fertilizer is before we start. If your soil needs nutrients right away, we'll recommend a liquid one. If your soil is in okay shape but will need to be fertilized in the future, we'll recommend a granulated fertilizer that is slow releasing.

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