When you need your lawn to look like it's cared for by a professional there's a simple solution, hire us to take care of your lawn for you. We are a full-service lawn care company that handles everything from mowing to aerating and weed control. We do pretty much everything when it comes to lawn care, and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best service in the industry. When you hire us to take care of your lawn for you, our goal is to make the experience completely worry-free for you. Once you hire us you shouldn't have to do anything else except enjoy your lawn.

Trop Lawn Care are professionals

There are a lot of reasons that we should be the first company that you call when you need someone to take care of your lawn. The first, and most important, is that we are a professional company that you can trust. As a professional lawn care company, we are licensed, bonded and insured. That means that when we are working on your property you won't have to worry about any type of liability. We don't expect an accident to happen, but nobody ever expects one to happen. They just do, and if you aren't prepared in advance it can be very problematic. We're very proud of our outstanding safety record, but we want you to know that you don't need to worry about us when we're working on your property.

We Help Keep Your Lawn Healthy by Fertilizing and Aerating It

Having a healthy lawn means taking care of it and providing it with everything that it needs to grow and stay strong. It's a lot like building a house. You don't see the foundation of a house, but you know that without a solid foundation the most exquisite home will end up collapsing. Your lawn is a lot like that. You may not see the soil or the work that goes into making it an ideal environment for grass to grow in, but if it isn't properly cared for then your lawn will suffer. Soil needs three things in order for it to be a healthy environment for a lawn. The first thing it needs is water, and that's simple enough to handle with either a watering schedule or sprinklers set up on a timer. The other things that it needs are nutrients in the soil, and soil that is loose so that grassroots can grow deeply and spread out. We solve the first part of the equation by fertilizing your lawn regularly, giving your grass the nutrients, it needs to remain healthy and strong. We'll also aerate your lawn once or twice a year to loosen up compacted soil, making it easier for your grass to grow.

If you have grass that grows seasonally, or you have bare patches in your lawn, we'll also be more than happy to seed your lawn. We have experts on our team that understand what types of grass grow best where you live, and they'll use that knowledge to ensure that you'll have a green, healthy lawn before you know it.

We Mow and Edge Your Lawn Leaving It Perfectly Manicured

Mowing and edging a lawn is simple enough, but doing it so that it looks like a professional did it takes more skill. We have a staff of professionals that have the experience it takes to leave your lawn looking flawless. We'll mow your lawn evenly, then we'll go through and edge it ensuring that it has crisp, clean borders. If you like an even striped pattern or a grid pattern, we'd be happy to accommodate you. It's little touches like this that can transform an ordinary-looking lawn into an extraordinary looking lawn.

We Keep Weeds at Bay to Keep Your Lawn Looking Pristine

What's the one thing that can turn an otherwise beautiful lawn into an ugly eyesore? If you said weeds, then you'd probably find that almost every homeowner that cares about their lawn would agree with you. If only grass would grow as easily as weeds, then everyone would have a beautiful green lawn. The biggest problem with weeds is that they spread so quickly. By the time you spot the first weed, there are probably dozens more in the process of sprouting. In other words, once you see a weed in your lawn, you've already got a serious problem on your hands.

If you already have a weed problem, we'd be happy to come out and eliminate it. While we have proven methods for getting rid of weeds, it's much easier to prevent them in the first place, which is what we recommend to all of our clients. We have highly-effective weed control products that can keep weeds from growing, which will help to keep your lawn healthy and green.

Because we care

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