Are you tired of mowing your lawn every weekend? Do you struggle to cut the grass evenly while edging your lawn to keep its borders clean and clearly defined? Mowing a lawn may not be complicated, but mowing it at a professional level is. There's so much more to mowing a lawn that just pushing a mower up and down your lawn. Anyone can mow a lawn, but not everyone can create the professionally manicured look that most homeowners want. We don't think of ourselves as landscapers, we think of ourselves as professionals that combine elements of landscaping with artistry to create amazing looking lawns. We speak with our clients to figure out what they want out of their lawn, then we develop a plan to achieve their vision.

The Height Your Grass Is Cut at Matters

Did you know that different varieties of grass thrive when they are cut at different heights? We're willing to bet that you didn't know that. Why are we so confident that you didn't know about how important the height of the grass is when it's cut? Because almost nobody knows this. Most people just mow their lawn once a week in the summer and don't give a second thought to how tall the grass should be. If that's what you've been doing, it's okay. There's no way that you could have known that you could have been damaging your grass, or impeding its growth. This is yet another example of why hiring a professional, like us, is so important when it comes to lawn care.

When you hire us to take care of your lawn, the first thing that we'll do is come out and inspect it. We need to see what kind of condition it's in, and just as importantly we need to see what type of grass you have. We understand how different varieties of grass grow at different rates, so once we inspect your lawn, we can set up a schedule to cut your grass regularly while keeping it at the ideal height.

Edging and Attention to Detail Is What Sets Us Apart

When it comes to mowing and edging a lawn, it's the attention to detail that sets apart a professionally manicured lawn from one that isn't. We pride ourselves on paying attention to the little things. When we create any type of pattern in your grass when we cut it, we are precise. If the pattern has straight lines, then we make sure that they are straight. If it's a grid, we make sure that the grid is evenly spaced. It's surprisingly difficult to create a tight pattern when mowing a yard, and it's something that we've perfected after many years of practice. Our experience sets us apart, giving us the knowledge, training, and techniques necessary to cut your lawn leaving it looking immaculate.

Another area where attention to detail is incredibly important is when edging your lawn. Missing out on a few blades of grass can turn a lawn that would look neat and well-maintained into one that looks a bit messy. That's how small the margin for error is when edging a lawn. It may not be rocket science, but it's a lot more challenging than the average person realizes. When we edge a lawn we are precise, ensuring that your lawn will have clean, tight, and flawless borders.

We can Use Your Lawn Clippings to Fertilize Your Lawn

Most people that cut their grass will spend a lot of time afterward raking it up, bagging it, then throwing it out. When we see this happening, we can't help but think about what a waste this is. Cut grass is full of nutrients that can keep your lawn healthy and strong. After we cut your grass, we'll spread it out across your lawn effectively turning it into a highly nutritious mulch. Why spend extra money on fertilizer when you can use your grass clippings to nourish your lawn. No, this doesn't mean that you can skip fertilizing your lawn. What it does mean is that using your grass clipping as a type of mulch will provide extra nourishment to your lawn, helping it to remain healthy.

Now, just because we don't rake up and throw out your grass clippings doesn't mean that your sidewalks will be covered in them. We would never leave anyone's home in this kind of condition, so while we leave your clippings in your lawn, we also carefully clean them off of your sidewalk and driveway.

We Can Schedule Regular Lawn Care to Ensure Your Lawn Always Looks Immaculate

If you'd like the set it and forget it option when it comes to your lawn care, then let us know. We'd be happy to have a set schedule where we come out and cut and edge your lawn bi-weekly, weekly, or even twice a week if you need us to. We're here to help, so if a set schedule works best for you, then just let us know.

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